Voyah Brand, Passion model EV sedan

Item No.: 00150
Supercar drive control
Deluxe interior
Light and shadow aesthetic design
Dimension: 5088x1970x1515mm
Battery Capacity: 82/109kWh
Motor output: 375KW, 730N·M
CLTC Mileage: 580/730km
charge port: AC, DC
Voyah Passion 580km Standard battery life Edition 730km Long battery life Editon
CLTC Mileage(km) 580 730
Official 100 km Acceleration time (s) 3.8 4.2
Curb weight (kg) 2266 2286
Battery capacity (kWh) 82 109
Electric spoiler have have
Vehicle call function have have
Head-up display system (HUD) have have
Augmented Reality Head-up Display System (AR-HUD) have have
Mobile phone wireless charging have have
Seat material Leather/fur Leather/fur
In-car fragrance device have have
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