BYD Brand, DOLPHIN Model EV Sedan

Item No.: 00126
High Strength Body, Comfort Drive
0-50km/h Time: 3.9s
Dimension: 4125×1770×1570mm
Battery Capacity: 44.9kWh
CLTC Method Mileage: 420km
Motor output: 70KW, 180N·M
Charge port: AC, DC

Free version Fashion version Knight version
CLTC Method Mileage 420 420 401
Moter Power 70 70 130
Peak Torque 180 180 290
Battery Capacity 44.9 44.9 44.9
0-50km/h acceleration time (s) 3.9 3.9 3
Unfastened seat belt warning Front row Front row Whole car
Intelligent near and far light lamp - - have
Four-door window one key lift with anti-clip function - have have
Electric folding of external rearview mirror - have have
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