Item No.: 00125
Flip-up rear window
FAW FME Pure Electric Platform Empowerment
Dimension: 4450×1840×1680mm
Battery Capacity: 54.956kWh
CLTC Method Mileage: 419km
Motor output: 120KW, 260N·M
Charge port: AC, DC

Battery Capacity 54.956kWh
Moter Power 120KW
Peak Torque 260N·M
NEDC Mileage 419KM
Length(mm) 4450
Width (mm) 1840
Height (mm) 1680
Wheelbase(mm) 2850
front/rear tread(mm) 1595/1569
Approach Angle (°) 14
Departure Angle (°) 18
Max Speed (km/h) 130
Curb Weight(kg) 1700
Max Weight (kg) 2075
Floor platform FME
Electric slide door on Rear right O
Green anti-UV/heat-insulating glass/rear door privacy glass
Green glass with UV-proof, heat insulation/ privacy glass on rear windows
2.4 Charging port cover
Plastic material O
2.5 Engine room cover
metal pole O
air strut -
Double pull cover lock O
Double-pull hood lock opening handle (arranged on the lower part of the instrument panel) O
2.6 Rear door
skylight sunroof -
Electronic gear shift Electronic gear shift O
Front suspension: MacPherson independent suspension O
Rear Suspension:Twist beam semi-independent  O
Electronic assisted steerinh O
Angle adjustable steering column Angle adjustable steering column O
Multi-function driving wheel O
Leather steering wheel O
Brake system
Front and Rear Disc brake O
Electronic parking system (EPB) O
Anti-lock braking system (ABS) O
Electronic brake force distribution (EBD/EBV) O
Emergency Brake Assist (BA) O
Traction Control System (TCS) O
Electronic Stability Control (ESP) O
Dynamic Park Assist (CDP) O
Hill Start Assist (HHC) O
Hill Descent (HDC) -
Anti-roll system (ROM) O
Tires 215/55 R17 O
Tire repair kit O
Tire pressure display (indirect) TPMS (indirect) O
Air conditioning A/C
Electric A/C O
Front 4 face-blowing air outlets (two in the middle of the dashboard and two on both sides of the dashboard) O
Rear 1 air outlet and air duct (secondary instrument panel) O
Front feet blowing air outlet O
Rear feet blowing air outlet O
Quick air renewal function Instant air renewal O
Rear reversing radar(3 pieces)  O
Front windshield laminated glass (green glass + PVB + green glass) / Rear windshield green tempered glass  O
Corner glass(front green tempering glass+rear gray privacy glass) O
Rear windshield defrosting O
Shark fin atenna O
outer rear view mirror
Outer Rear View Mirror Power Switch O
Outer Rear View Mirror Power Folding -
Outside Mirror Power Heating O
Front passenger airbag O
10-inch large screen (synchronized entertainment system large screen) O
Electric glass lift switch Power window O
Driver seat
Leather fabricLeather O
Seat with comfortable foams O
Manual six-way adjustment O
Back file pocket O
Driver’s Seatbelt Alert O
four-way lumbar support O
seat ventilation (level 1) O
Seat armrest (driver's right) O
Rear passenger display interface (12V backup power supply) O
Passenger seat
Leather fabric O
Seat with comfortable foams O
Manual four-way adjustment O
seatback completely fold forward O
seatbelt alert O
Anti-whiplash two-way manually adjustable headrest O
Rear seat
Leather O
Seat with comfortable foams O
seatbelt alert -
Child seat fastening device (ISOFIX) O
Middle armrest O
Rear row seatbelt alert O
Front airbag
Driver airbag O
Passenger airbag O
Handle for getting on and off on rear right O
Storage room
driver tea cup tea cup holder O
Driver's change, invoice and cards storage changes, invoice and cards storage O
Driver's car key position keys storage O
driver sunglasses sunglasses storage O
front and rear garbage bin front and rear garbage bin -
front passenger coffee holder front passenger coffee holder O
rear passenger tissue holder rear passenger tissue holder O
USB interfaces (2 in the front, 2 in the rear) 1 in the front for charging, 1 for charging and data reuse, only 4 USB ports in the rear for mobile phone charging (front 2, rear 2) O
12V power port (1 in the front row) 1 front power port 12V O
one button start O
electric slide door button O
Driver power window one-touch lowering O
One-touch lowering of the passenger seat window O
One-touch lowering of second row windows (two) O
2 speakers (front left, front right), with installation space reserved at the rear left O
Bluetooth O
Parking Assistance
10-inch large screen (synchronized entertainment system large screen) O
3 Reverse radars O
Reverse video O
Cruise control O
LED headlamp O
Headlamp height adjustable O
LED daytime running light O
rear left fog lamp, rear right reversing lamp O
Courtesy lamp (on sliding door guard - projected T3 pattern) courtesy lamp O
passenger alert O
fast charge port O

Specifications subject to change

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